Fuenmayor Art


Price per person: $80. Please increase the quantity of the the item according to the number of people you want in the caricature (if you'd like 2 people choose quantity 2, for 3 people quantity 3, etc.).

Full color, digitally drawn, retail style, funny caricatures as seen on social media. 

Printed on 12” x 18” high quality 100lb paper. 

Themes and requests not available. I draw what I see so the caricature alone will be just as fun! 

After purchase you'll receive an email from us in the following 24hrs which you will reply to with the pictures of the subject(s). Please include front profile and side profile, and as many pictures as you can where I can see the facial features clearly. NO BLURRY PICTURES, OR WEARING HATS, SUNGLASSES or any other accessories that prevent from seeing the facial features. Please include name and order number. The more photos the better. (Last 2 photos are examples of good profiles)

Highly recommended to upload a video of yourself rotating the camera so I can see more details of your face for better likeness! 

*NO filters please* 

Drawings will be shipped in a protective sleeve put into a cylinder container.

No edits or refunds. All sales are final.

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